2023 Parade Application
The parade application will close when the parade is full or November 1st, whichever comes first. Staging information will come via email the week of the parade.

If you cannot answer the required questions yet, please do not fill out this application. You can fill out this form, and we will hold a spot for you until Sunday.
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Email *
Name of the person filling out this form
Phone *
(numbers only) (This number will only be used for information regarding the parade.)
Parade Captain Email Address
If you are not the parade captain, please include the parade captain's email. (This email will be used to provide your organization the staging information the week of the parade.) An answer is not required for this question.
Vehicle Driver Email Address *
If you have more than one vehicle, please remember to fill out a separate parade application for each vehicle. (This email will be used to provide your vehicle driver with information the week of the parade.) If you will not have a vehicle in the parade, please type "none" so we are clear.
Each float must be escorted down the entire parade route by two entry marshals (walkers) one on each side of the float. A session for these entry marshals is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6 at 6 pm at the Center for Community Service.
Entry Marshal #1 Name *
Entry Marshal #1 Email *
Entry Marshal #1 Phone Number (numbers only) *
Entry Marshal #2 Name *
Entry Marshal #2 Email *
Entry Marshal #2 Phone Number (numbers only)
Name of Organization *
Mailing address *
Mailing address Line 2
(only if needed)
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Alternate Phone Number
(numbers only)
Entry Category *
Will you have music? *
Remember that the parade is a family event so make your musical selections with families in mind so that you can keep your music playing during the parade!
Float Length (in feet) *
Include the trailer and/or tow vehicle in the float length. (Remember height of each entry is restricted to 13 feet.) The length that you give determines how much space you are given in the lineup. Only vehicles that have submitted a parade application will be allowed to enter the staging area.
Entry Details that you haven't provided already.
If you have any additional information that we will need for staging, please feel free to provide it here.  If you have another parade application that you would like to be staged near or if you are a part of a car club, please share that information for the parade organizers here.
Description of Entry in English *
Describe your entry in about 100 words, as you would like the emcee to announce it as you pass the Reviewing Stands.  Please give a complete description of your entry, information on your organization, key individuals to be recognized, number of participants, etc. (example: who worked on your float, who is riding on your float, purpose of your organization, year founded, how many lights are on your float, etc.)  This information will be used by Parade announcers to present your float to the crowd. This information may be edited.  If no information is provided, information may be pulled from other resources for the Parade Announcers or your float might not be announced. If you will have to update some information, please save the edit link after you hit submit. All edits need to be completed by November 1, 2022. Edits that are submitted after that date or edits that are sent via email might not be applied.
Description of Entry in Spanish (optional)
Description of Entry in Vietnamese (optional)
Vehicle Registration *
I understand that vehicle proof of insurance will have to be presented prior to parade participation.
Rules and Regulations *
I have read the rules and regulations at http://holidaylightsparade.com/#rules and agree to follow them including not throwing or distributing anything to parade watchers.
Check number *
Please make checks payable to: Arlington Christmas Parade, Inc., P.O. Box 725, Arlington, Texas 76004. Your parade application is not complete until we receive the $100 application fee. If you need an invoice, please let us know here. We do not currently accept credit cards.
The parade does not normally ask for the names and contact information of the people participating with your entry. I understand that this year the parade may have to do so on the day of the parade. *
Does your organization have any covid protocols in place at this time? (If so, we will follow up to make sure we understand how we can best support your organization.) *
We have participated in previous parades:
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The information below is to help us connect with you through social media.
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