Programming at Grinnell College
Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well and staying safe and healthy. This form was created by the All-Campus Events Coordinator to gauge your thoughts and ideas for programming this year at the school. This form is open to all comments and this form will be available throughout the school year in order to have comments and thoughts communicated through the ACE Coordinator to administrators within the DSA (Division of Student Affairs).
Do you feel that administrators within the DSA (Division of Student Affairs) have been transparent about programming? *
If you answered yes or no in the question above explain why or why not?
Feel free to comment on your thoughts in regard to programming (virtual or in-person) at the College as openly as possible. These comments will be communicated to the administrators within the Division of Student Affairs through the ACE chair. *
Would you like to have your name mentioned if comments are brought up to administrators from the DSA? (All comments will be communicated with the safety of the student in mind) *
Would you like to be contacted about the status of your comments/requests (before and after)? *
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