PRJS 2020 Workshop Application
This form is for you to submit a workshop proposal for the Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit (PRJS) 2020. The theme for PRJS 2020 is "1619-2020: Decolonize Our Histories to Reclaim Our Humanity".

To complete this form, please have the following information at the ready:

* Names, email addresses, and professional affiliations for no more than five (5) Workshop Facilitators.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: One of our top priorities for PRJS every year is to feature and amplify the voices of Black, indigenous, and other peoples of color (BIPOC). As such, in order for us to consider your proposal, we ask that any applicants who do not identify as BIPOC to partner with a co-facilitator who does. This stipulation does not apply to applicants proposing an "affinity group discussion" (see Section 4 of the application), as those workshops are meant to serve as a designated space for individuals of a specific identity group.

* Workshop title (approx. 10-12 words).

* Format, including but not limited to: lecture-style educational presentation, mini panel discussion, affinity group dialogue (i.e., all Facilitators and attendees from a specific identity group discuss racial justice issues and actions relevant for the group), documentary viewing and discussion, organizational/informational session for ongoing racial justice activist groups and events.

* In-depth description (approx. 500 words). Please include information about 1) the specific topic(s) the workshop will cover, 2) how those topics are directly related to the summit theme, 3) how you will present or navigate those topics with your expected audience, and 4) any content warnings that attendees should be aware of.

* Paragraph (150 words max.) that briefly summarizes the objectives, content, and expected outcomes of your workshop. For accepted workshops, this blurb will appear in the official PRJS 2020 program.

* A brief description of how you, and any potential Co-Facilitators, are equipped to lead a workshop on your proposed topic. This could include personal background and experience, educational history, professional qualifications and certifications, etc.

Please submit your proposal no later than 11:59 pm on Friday, November 15, 2019. Should you have any questions, please send the organizing committee an email at with the title "PRJS 2020 workshop/panel application question".
We hope to accommodate approximately 25-30 unique workshops throughout the day of the summit. In the spaces provided at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Facilitators can expect to hold workshops in classrooms that may accommodate between 20-70 attendees. All workshops must be no longer than 90 minutes with 80 minutes reserved for presentation and 10 minutes at the end for attendees to complete evaluations for each workshop and Facilitator(s).
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