Patron Expiration date extension - January 2021
Some libraries have requested that we offer a patron expiration date extension again. This survey provides a patron expiration date extension plan proposed by the Circulation Service Subcommittee. IF YOU WANT THE PATRONS THAT HAVE YOUR LIBRARY LISTED AS THEIR HOME LIBRARY TO HAVE THEIR PATRON RECORD EXPIRATION DATES EXTENDED ACCORDING TO THE STAGGERED PLAN BELOW, YOU MUST RESPOND TO THIS SURVEY BEFORE JANUARY 25 AT NOON, If your library responds No or does not respond, we will not extend the patron record expiration dates for patrons that have your library listed as their Home Library.
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Patrons with an expiration date between 1/1/2021 and 6/1/2021 AND have a last name starting with these characters will have their expiration dates extended according to the following schedule: A-D expiration date extended to July 1, 2021 E-H expiration date extended to August 1, 2021 I-M expiration date extended to September 1, 2021 N-R expiration date extended to October 1, 2021 S-V expiration date extended to November 1, 2021 W-Z expiration date extended to December 1, 2021
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