Survey of Pedagogical Digital Needs
This survey can be used to understand how well a school currently supports teaching and learning using digital technologies. It was created by Catalysed Ltd, a company which provides a bespoke service to schools to help them effectively align teaching and learning with the affordances of digital technologies.

The survey has been informed by best practice in this field, including many academic publications, and also current regulations and guidance, such as the Naace self-review framework, the UK Government E-safety guidance, and the UK Government standards for teachers' professional development.

Based on Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs", the form covers four areas that need to be in place before staff can reach self-actualisation, i.e. "doing the best that they are capable of doing" with respect to e-learning. These four sections are: Digital Infrastructure, E-safety, Community and Leadership.

Hierarchy of Pedagogical Digital Needs
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