Arbah Minim Order Form (2019)
Arbah Minim orders are managed by Rabbi Menachem Levine (

Please place orders and give payment by Thursday night September 26th at 5pm to get your set.

Prices per set are as follows:
- Chinuch: $45
- Good: $65
- Mehadrin: $100
- Chazon Ish $100

All esrogim will be without pitum, unless otherwise requested. (Chazon Ish esrogim do not come with pitum)

All Mehadrin and Chazon Ish Esrogim come with Mehadrin Haddasim and Pre-Checked Boxed Lulavim.

If you would like extra haddasim the cost is:
- $12 for Mehadrin Alef Alef
- $10 for Mehadrin
- $6 for Regular

If you would like extra aravos, the cost is $4 per set.

Hoshana sets are $6 each. (Pick up at Am Echad only)

Pre-Checked Mehudar Lulavim are $35 extra
Pre-checked Mehudar Plus Badatz Lulavim are $40 extra.

If interested in buying schach mats; a pre-fab sukkah; or, Yanover and Moroccan Esrogim speak to Rav Levine directly (
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