Advisory Focus Survey

Rationale: “In order to successfully meet the needs of all students, provide students with 21st century learning skills, and prepare students for postsecondary educational programs, schools must build relationships with their students and provide personalized educational programs. Mentoring programs help build relationships that improve student academic output as well as behavioral performance.“ (Mentoring Matters)

Vision statement:
9th graders learn how to navigate and be successful in high school, understand graduation requirements and college entrance requirements.
All students:
Fosters trust, communication, and a true sense of belonging for the student as a result of positive relationships with students and staff
Opportunity for discussion and dialogue on issues and current events important to adolescents.
Every kid is well known by at least one caring adult.
As a result of knowing the students, advisors build a relationship with student families as well.
Advisory groups have friendly competitions to further extend relationships
ICAP and Naviance are used regularly and have meaning and importance to students.
Long range goal setting and monitoring.
College and Career planning
grade monitoring
academic support

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