AKS Ugadi 2019 - Program Registration
Rules & Guidelines - Please read CAREFULLY before filling the form
Ugadi – 2019 event will feature Live in Concert. Therefore we will have limited time for our AKS cultural performance segment. The band's music equipment will be set up prior to the start of our cultural event. So due to the concert there could be some stage area restrictions, we will communicate this to registered program coordinators by next week. Please avoid use of heavy and large props, considering the limited space available for this event.


1) A participant can take part in only one program.

2) Minimum age for group participation is 5 years, and for a solo performance is 10 years.

3) Priority will be given to group performances.

4) Preference will be given to unique programs that offer fresh variety and early registrants.

5) Due to reduced stage area, a group dance cannot have more than 6 adults or 8 kids.

6) Maximum duration for performances.
i) Drama/ skit/ shadow act/ miming/ mad-ads, etc. - 8 minutes.
ii) Group dance - 8 minutes.
iii) Any solo performance - 5 minutes.

7) All performances including background music/songs should be in Kannada or a language native to Karnataka.

8) Please ensure that you have finalized the participants and program details before completing your registration. Incomplete registrations that fail to provide all necessary details may not be considered.

9) Media files (mp3/video links) if any should be of excellent quality and ready to upload shortly after registration. We will contact you by email and provide instructions for the same. Any changes to media files once provided will not be encouraged.

10) We request that all dialogues, songs, costumes, gestures, moves, expressions performed by you to be appropriate for a family audience and befitting the occasion.

11) Registrations will be closed on April 6th, 2019 or earlier if we fill up the slots for the different categories of program.

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