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ELTP Season 9 Signups
What is your TagPro username?
This will be the name you'll need to play the whole season with.
If you have played ELTP before using a different name, what was that name?
If you haven't changed your name recently, you can leave this empty.
What is your TagPro profile ID?
This is the 24-digit sequence in your profile URL - for example: 548737e1d76c6c9e53d0bd80
What is your Reddit username?
You can register an account for free in a few seconds at
In which country will you be living in during the season?
Will you be using a microphone during Season 9 games?
More information on mumble can be found here:
Which position would you like to play during Season 9 games?
If you are likely to be playing Majors or Minors you could be required to stick to the position you have signed up with, as it can heavily impact a player's value in the draft.
Describe your previous competitive TagPro experience
ELTP, MLTP, OLTP, NLTP, ALTP, CC, USC, PUGs, Tournaments, Region Wars, you name it. Of course you don't need any experience to sign up, we're happy with newcomers!
What will your ping connection be to the European TagPro servers for Season 9 games?
You can easily check on
< 10
Season 9 Availability - Weeks you will NOT be available
We need to know which weeks you are NOT going to be available. Check any boxes during weeks beginning with the following dates that you expect to NOT be available.
Do you have further information about your availability?
Do you have any other information for the captains?
Height, favourite 90s boyband, Coke or Pepsi, least favourite olympic event, etc.
Would you be interested in being a captain or manager during Season 9?
Would you be interested in captaining a novice/bronze level team during Season 9?
No rules for this have been decided as of now, but we're already happy for any volunteers to do this.
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