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The Developh Community seeks to bring together schools, organizations, and other local groups to build a national community of makers, founders, and creators for social good. From diverse networks, we seek to empower the brightest student entrepreneurs and developers with one another to build meaningful things.

Community partners get their members involved in our programs, bring people to work towards ideas and projects in their localities, scout for market developments and current trends, and help us connect people closer to creation. In exchange, you get entwined in a national network of developers and founders making tangible local impact.

Our philosophy stems from technology's undeniable prevalence, yet the unspoken growing disparity in equitable access to build this very technology that's shaping our world. With this gap most prevalent in developing nations, we aim to have no one left behind as the national tech community grows.

Interested? Fill out the form and we'll get back to you soon!
Students, educators, and organization leaders are welcome to apply. đź‘‹
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This section introduces some questions regarding areas where we can potentially collaborate, and how specifically your organization wishes to partake in our Community program. Acceptance into the Developh Community network will largely be determined on your thoughts here, and on our initial call.

We encourage you to elaborate further if needed, and to share any ideas under the sun! You can also reach us at -- we're always happy to talk.
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In the past, Developh has brought members to Australia for Asia-Pacific's first Grace Hopper Celebration, offered $500 each grants to 8+ teams participating in our Collab incubator, worked with mental health organizations to host a three-day creation jam with over a hundred participants across the Philippines, and more!
What tangible project or vision do you want to forward with/through the Developh Community? *
Is there a goal your group wants to hit? A project you've been dreaming of doing? Or in general, do you just have an objective or vision that you'd like to achieve through Developh Community? Let us know what you're thinking of - we'd love to hear it!
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Any other thoughts, notes, or suggestions?
If there's anything else we should know or if you have more ideas - this is a great place to share them!
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Thank you!
The Developh Community is a selective coalition of groups and organizations advocating for innovation across the Asia-Pacific (and worldwide). We envision this network to be a place for leaders to take place in pioneering collaborations and projects to enact tangible impact; working together to share resources, build cross-cultural things, and make a difference in technology.

We envision ourselves as the student voice of innovation - constantly redefining and challenging what that means to the world.

You will hear back from us within one (1) week. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at!
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