You're an expat ? You're missing your home country ? Can a "like at home" beer comfort you ? Would you like to make your new friends discover it ?

You're not an expat, but you know how it feels like to miss your favorite beer (you surely travelled a lot... )?

Feel free to give a shot to this survey. 5 minutes, and possibly a interesting feedback.

Survey for the entrepreneurship class - Antoine - Kenton - Lisa - Shreya

Do you like beer ?
Are you craving beer from your home country ?
Would you consider downoloading an app keeping you informed where you can find your favorite beer (and any other craft beer people around are craving for)?
What if this app informs you about special events like "Your fav beer have been delivered to this places near you for a limited period of time, go now !"
What if you could access a market place to have these beers delivered, for a cheap price of course ?
What beer(s) are you craving now ?
If you would definitely like to go to a place that can get a supply soon, write down your email !
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Are you interested in the community aspect (if you know were to find one craftbeer, you share, and you expect to be informed if someone discovered a beer source for your craving . Just put your email address below if so :
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What is the area near you, by the way (zip code is enough) ? you can have several points of interests (another city you go regularly, holiday spot.... ) .
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Finally, would you keep such an app on your phone and be part of the beerwanted community, if it continues to provide you informations about beers available or if it's an access to a marketplace for worldwide most wanted beers ?Feel free to make any comment, it will be appreciated :)
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