TLT Award Nomination Form - 2020
LTU's Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Award recognizes faculty who use technology to innovate teaching strategies and student learning. We recognize that at this time of Covid-19, ALL of our faculty are using technology to deliver courses and meet with students; however, you might know of an instructor who is meeting this challenge in remarkable ways that may serve as a model for the entire University. They might be using tools like Zoom and Canvas in unique ways that go beyond lectures and sharing documents. They might be adopting other tools or technology applications in ways that not only provide remote instruction but provide a rich, engaging learning experience.

Technology may be related to equipment and devices or software and apps. It may be discipline-specific or general use of technology tools. The key is how they are being innovative in using these tools and the effect they have on student learning. Finalists will be asked to submit a one page summary describing their use of technology in their teaching and final selection is made by the Provost.

Again, every instructor using technology to keep classes going under these Covid-19 Please consider the following criteria when nominating an instructor:

• Innovative use of technology to deliver instruction and course content.
• Creative use of technology to expand how students are engaged and/or supported in learning activities.
• Pioneering use of a technology tool or application to assess and improve student learning.

Please join us in recognizing outstanding teaching at LTU by nominating those innovative teachers who use technology to engage students in the classroom.
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