Community Workshop: Freedom of Speech in Malaysia Baharu, 'Sembang' or Reality?
As Malaysia pursues to be a socially and economically developed nation, it is important for our social culture to be able to give feedback to the government or those in power. How free are we to criticize? Are there still limitations?

These lecture series are meant to explore the new realm of freedom we have today, it will also seek to educate the audience with compelling speakers about how freedom of speech is demonstrated in different professions, whether as debaters, journalists or even song writers.

Event details:
- Friday, 11 October 2019
- Auditorium Asia-Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya

Morning Session: 9.30am- 11am:

The Pursuit of Social Development Alongside Economic Development. How important is freedom of speech in social development. Should it be as prioritised as economic development?
-Shahril Hamdan,
-Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan,
-Nuradilla Nurazam

Morning session 2: 11am-12.30pm:

The Power of Journalism in Freedom of Speech. How is the state of our journalism? Is it a proper check and balance to the people?

-YB Khairy Jamaluddin
-Ashwad Ismail
-Shafizan Johari

Afternoon Session: 2.30pm-4pm

The Various Strategies of Debate and its application in real life.

-Dr Chandran Somasundram
-Azzairi Rosle

Afternoon Session 2: 4pm- 5pm

The hidden power of film, art and music in freedom of speech.
-Zee Avi
Registration is FREE but LIMITED. Grab your seats as soon as possible.
Participants will be provided a signed certificate at the end of the workshop.

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Full Schedule- Friday 11 October
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