Who Are Our LMSA Alumni and Chapter Advisors? LMSA Directory
Dear LMSA Alumni and Chapter Advisors: The LMSA Alumni and Chapter Advisors play a critical role in advising LMSA chapter, regional and/or national members on their strategic plan, annual activities and personal and professional development.

The information collected will help us build and strengthen our national network of support for Hispanic, Latino/a, and Latinx trainees across the country. Please take a moment to provide your information. The survey takes approximately 10 minutes. If you have any questions please email LMSA National, Executive Director J.P. Sanchez MD, MPH at exec.director@lmsa.net or LMSA Coordinator, Louis Morales-Shnaider MSc, BS at louismorales92@gmail.com.
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If currently affiliated with a medical school, what is your school's name? *
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What is your race/ethnicity? *
If Hispanic, Latina/o, or Latinx - what is your background by family country or territory of origin (e.g. Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Ecuadorian, etc.?)
What is your gender? *
What is your sexual orientation? *
What position(s) do you currently hold?
Please complete this section if you are an alumnist of LMSA or one of the preceding regional groups that formed LMSA National (i.e. NBLHO, BHO, LMSA West, CMSA, LaRAMA, HAMSA, TAMSA, etc.)
What is the full name of the medical school you attended?
What year did you graduate from medical school?
What role(s) did you hold as a medical student?
If applicable, as a chapter, regional, or national leader what activities did you focus on?
How would you like to be engaged with LMSA on the chapter, regional, and/or national levels?
As an alumnist what type of programming at the regional or national conferences would inspire you to attend the conferences?
For how long have you been the chapter advisor?
Example: years or months
Which academic department(s) are you affiliated with (for example, anatomy, pediatrics, etc.)
What is your faculty rank?
We want to make sure that the role as advisor can help you in your promotion. When will you be up for academic promotion?
Clear selection
What is your track?
Clear selection
Please list any other titles (Dean, Residency Director, Chair, etc.)?
What is your area of clinical, research, education, and/or service interest? This information is extremely helpful for students in identifying potential speakers.
What have been the benefits of serving as faculty advisor?
4-6 professional development meetings will be organized for faculty advisors on a yearly basis. The meetings are to provide an update on LMSA activities and issues affecting our membership and advisors. Mark each day and time that works for your participation in a national faculty advisor meeting?
If applicable, please write and name and email address of any official co-faculty advisors for your chapter?
Would you like to participate on any of the following committees:
As a Chapter Advisor what type of programming at the regional or national conferences would inspire you to attend the conferences?
Any topics or issues you would like for LMSA National or the faculty advisors to consider?
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