Panther Club Grant Application Form
This grant application form is provided for coaches and staff to submit requests for financial assistance for equipment and supplies that supports the athletic programs at Boulder High School. Practice costs, travel, camps, films, and BVSD facility equipment and staff fall outside of the criteria or district policy. Priority will be given to Varsity teams as coaches are encouraged to pass down used equipment and uniforms. Applications may be submitted at any time. However, requests will be reviewed and grants will be distributed biannually in October and April. Deadlines for submitting grant applications are September 30th for the fall and February 1st for the spring. If your application is approved, you will be notified by Panther Club and the approved funds will be directly deposited into your activity account. You will have 60 days to purchase your items, request new items, or refund the grant. In order to submit your grant, fill in this short questionnaire.

Following is criteria used when awarding grants.

Overall Need:
Does awarding the grant fill an important and vital need? Does it address areas like basic needs, safety, performance or competitive parity?

Number and/or variety of impacted athletes:
Does the grant provide value to a large number of athletes? Does awarding the grant provide support and provide assistance to a variety of athletic programs?

Lasting Value:
Will awarding the grant provide a lasting value to athletes and BHS athletics?

Beyond reasonable fundraising abilities:
Has the requesting party exhausted all other funding options for this request?

Established Precedent:
Is the awarding of this grant something Panther Club has supported in the past? Is it something Panther Club is likely to want to continue funding in the future? Is this a reasonable request even if it doesn't necessarily meet the above criteria?
Requestor’s name *
Must be a coach or BHS staff member.
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Requestor’s contact information *
Provide phone and email where we can contact you with any questions about the grant application and notify you of the award decision.
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Athletic Program *
Which athletic program(s) will be impacted? Check all that apply.
Need for Request *
What is the need for this request? Check all that apply.
Impact of Request *
What is the impact of this request? Check all that apply.
Estimate the number of student athletes impacted per year *
Frequency of Request *
How often will there be a need for this request?
Grant Period *
When are you hoping to be awarded the money for this grant?
Grant Amount *
What is the dollar amount you are requesting?
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Detailed Description of Grant Request. *
Provide as much detail as possible about the request. When relevant, include historical detail, research, data, assumptions, testimonials, decision-making process, future considerations, and any other information that would be helpful to evaluate the need. Please be specific as to the use of the request, who will be impacted and how it will benefit BHS athletics.
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Detailed Funding Options *
Provide other possible sources of funding for this request. Have you considered and/or exhausted budgets, fundraising, fees or other means to procure the funds?
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Detailed Bid Acquisition *
For all new requests, please provide 3 bids of the exact item(s) you are requesting. Include vendor names, detailed descriptions and price. Please indicate the vendor you are recommending and why.
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Are you able and willing to provide documentation, photos, testimonials and other impact data of grant item(s) if awarded? *
The information will be used to promote future Panther Club fundraising efforts.
Final Information
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about this request that's not covered in the form?
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BHS Panther Gala Athletic Fundraiser
Will you promote, support, and attend the Panther Gala?
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