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After the ball is over...

Last night, the impressionable young house-guests of the amiable yet curious Mrs Jennings danced, conversed, laughed - and mortifyingly embarrassed themselves at the Public Assembly Rooms in Bath. Today, your principal dance partner will be calling, and there is naught to do but bring out your netting box, put on a brave face, and reconcile with the events of last night.

A larp of love, friendship, and money by Stephanie Pegg, inspired by the novels of Jane Austen.

This game will run with up to eight protagonists in the sitting room talking over the events of last night and a crew who will play the non protagonists coming to call. Two Inches of Ivory is G rated: your main risks are breaking your heart and feeling foolish. Characters may touch on the big issues of the period, such as the Napoleonic wars and the Abolition movement, but won't examine these closely.
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Your name, but not email address, will be shared with other players for the purposes of running this live event. The larp scripts may be published in the future and you will be listed as a playtester unless you notify us that you would prefer not to be named. We will ask for opt-in permission around including any images of you.
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