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This form is for PUBLISHED AUTHORS ONLY. At this point I'm not accepting beta reading requests from writers who haven't published a book yet. Please also read the 'Beta Reading' Tab on my website to find out if your book genre is mentioned for the sort of genres that I am willing to beta read. Another thing to note is that I am doing beta reading for FREE - I will not be charging a fee to beta read your book. Link to Beta Reading Tab:
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Please make allowance for the fact that I will only be doing ONE beta reading project a month - I will be announcing on my website and social media when I have a beta reading project for a particular month.
What feedback are you expecting to get back with this writing project? *
Is this a one time beta reading request or would you want me to be a beta reader for you in the future? *
Every time you need beta reading done, you will need to fill this form in - it allows me to keep track of the requests that are coming in, I will be taking requests on a first come first serve basis.
What format will I be reading the book in? (eg. google docs, word, etc) *
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