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We’re eager to hear your story, thoughts and feelings, but we know you’re busy. Anything from a few paragraphs to a few pages will do (the more the merrier)! We are looking for original personal accounts.

Before you begin, please feel free to browse our archive, where you can read accounts written by people from all over the world. And remember: there is no set way of writing this. This is YOUR story!

Possible submissions could touch on the following:

▶ A recent meaningful conversation
▶ A humorous interaction
▶ A personal reflection on the moment
▶ A recent situation you found yourself in
▶ Any alterations in your routine

Various questions that could further guide your submission:

▶ How has your community been impacted?
▶ How have your future plans been affected?
▶ To what extent have your priorities shifted?
▶ What are the new challenges/hardships you are now facing?
▶ How have you been emotionally affected?
▶ Have new opportunities arisen?
▶ How do you and those around you spend time?
▶ How has your experience transformed your perception of self, family, community, government, mortality, etc.?

Upon submission, you will be asked to provide us with general biographical information that will help us process our data.

If you'd like to be considered for participation in the NoiseFilter podcast, one of our partners, you can indicate so below.

Thanks for participating!
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