2019 Program Planning Report Form
This is the form for submitting Program Planning reports. You can read the instructions for the program planning process at this link:

You can find the current position statements in the Program for Action publication under Quick Links at this link: https://lwvmn.org/where-we-stand/other-positions.

If you have questions about this form, please contact Nick Harper, Civic Engagement Director, at nharper@lwvmn.org.

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You & Your Local LWV
In addition to confirming your email, please tell us who is making this report and for which local LWV so we know who to contact if follow-up is needed.
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Keep, Drop, Update, or Briefing Paper
Make suggestions to the LWV Minnesota board of directors of what to do about existing Program for Action positions. Remember that we only vote on LWV Minnesota positions; LWV US positions described in "Impact on the Issues" are controlled by LWV US.
Does your local LWV believe we should keep, drop, update, or do a briefing paper on any of the following Program for Action positions? (If no answer or consensus, you may leave blank.)
Briefing Paper
Restoration of Voting Rights
Election Laws
Alternative Voting Systems
Apportionment, Census, & Redistricting
Campaign Finance
Organization of Government
Initiative, Referendum, & Recall
Financing State Government
Government Spending
Selection of Judges
Air Quality
Land Use
Water Resources
Great Lakes Ecosystem
Solid Waste
Equal Opportunity
Child Health
Teenage Pregnancy
Alcohol & Tobacco Use
Mental Health
Child Care
Prevention of Violence
Family Violence
Child Support
Child Protection
Equal Opportunity in Education
Financing Education
Collective Bargaining & Tenure in Education
Library Funding
If you selected Briefing Paper for a topic, please discuss what the scope of the briefing paper should be.
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If you selected Briefing Paper for a topic, do you have volunteers committed to work on the Briefing Paper?
Any additional comments about Keeping, Dropping, or doing Briefing Papers?
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Topics for Study, Update, or Concurrence
Tell us more about the topic you'd like LWV Minnesota to study.
If your local LWV suggests a *new* topic for a study, please suggest it here.
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If your local LWV suggests an existing position for an *update*, please discuss the scope of the update.
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Do you have volunteers committed to work on the Study or Update?
Please estimate the costs for your study or update, including printing, staff time, venue rental, etc.
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If your local LWV suggests a position statement for *concurrence*, please provide additional information here, including the position statement and which LWV has already adopted the statement.
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If your local LWV believes a position should receive priority from LWV Minnesota for action during the next biennium, please note that here. Please know that this is advisory only.
Which positions, if any, should receive priority from LWV Minnesota during 2019-2021?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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