Quad Spring 2019 Application: Altia
This is an opportunity to make real impact.

The Company
Altia is a tech company headquartered in Colorado Springs that provides powerful, professional-grade embedded graphical user interface (GUI) development tools. The tools help creative, customer-focused designers and software engineers worldwide deploy game-changing ways for users to interact with their devices and the internet. Automotive, medical, industrial and consumer electronics companies rely on Altia’s best-in-class software and services to get their GUIs into production.

The Project
Augmented reality (AR) is poised to transform how we interact with the world. Spend this semester identifying how this emerging technology will affect how we interact with our cars, and how an area technology company can capture the emerging automotive AR market.

Deliverables include
• Develop and deliver a clear and comprehensive overview of the current and near-future automotive augmented reality market.
• Equip Altia with the information needed to capture opportunities in this market and to be considered a credible market leader.
• Deliver sufficient insight for Altia to determine key strengths and competitive advantages.

The Team
Teams are comprised of 3 students or recent grads from our 4 partner schools. We are looking for students and recent graduates from CC, UCCS, PPCC and the U.S. Air Force who have experience or interest in one or more of:
• Critical thinking and analysis
• Applied problem solving; creative problem solving
• Business; economics; finance
• General marketing; product marketing

Faculty Advisor: Professor John Mann from Colorado College.
Each of our projects has a faculty advisor to provide mentorship to the teams. John brings a wealth of marketing and innovation experience to the role grounded in over 20 years of experience at consumer product leaders Procter & Gamble, Arm & Hammer and Coors Brewing Company. Since 2001, John has been an independent marketing and research consultant for a variety of clients in craft brewing, consumer products, restaurants, B2B sectors and trade/technical associations.

Eligibility/Minimum Qualifications
This opportunity is open to all current students and graduates within 3 years of graduation from CC, UCCS, PPCC, and the US Air Force Academy (with approval), regardless of major or academic track. Admissions decisions will be made on the basis of demonstrated attitude, aptitude, and overall project fit. Although many aspects of the project pertain to business and entrepreneurship, the Quad actively encourages students who focus in the arts and humanities to apply considering their demonstrated proficiency in applied critical thinking, creative problem solving. In general, strong applicants:
• Are in good academic standing
• Demonstrate their ability to think creatively, critically, conceptually and respond positively to feedback
• Can work productively on teams and achieve results in a fast-paced environment
• Possess a growth mindset (see problems as opportunities)
• Demonstrate their ability to work inclusively across demographic lines
• Show strong relevant experience or interest

Benefits to You
This is an opportunity to build your network, expand your experience, make an impact on our community, meet influential leaders, and open professional opportunities that will benefit you far beyond graduation. It's also a chance to go several steps beyond theoretical, conceptual classroom work to develop and deliver products of tactical value to a local business.

This opportunity is offered with a stipend of $1200 and will start on February 11th and end May 10th. The workload is 10 hours per week for 10 weeks. Please note as you apply that we expect the full 10 hours of work each week.

Are you ready to make an impact? Applications due January 30th.

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