Pharmacogenomics iPSC Library and Service (PiLS) Feedback
If you plan to use this iPSC resource (PiLS) for your research, please take
this online survey to provide feedback and comments so that we can develop
this into a useful tool. Based on the comments received, we may make changes
to this pilot service to better serve the research community. If you have
questions or prefer to send your comments and feedback via email, please
write to Dr. Katherine E. Santostefano at
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1. Your likelihood for using iPSC
2. What services do you need from us? (Please choose as many as you wish)
3. Are you interested in our free pilot service* to provide control and gene-edited iPSCs for your SNP validation studies?
(We have a budget to create and provide control and gene-edited iPSCs for PGRN researchers to study SNPs of their interests. RFA will be announced in the fall 2017, and 3 projects will be selected by the PiLS committee. Individual researchers are supposed to cover the fees for plasmid orders, which are approximately $2,000.)
4. Comments/Questions
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