Governor McKee, take immediate action to address inhumane conditions in the Maximum Security Facility of the RI ACI. 
Dear Governor McKee,

The living conditions at Maximum Security Prison are inhumane. We ask that you take immediate action to address this crisis and move individuals out of this facility.

Maximum Security was built in the 1870s. It is solid brick, with no air conditioning or ventilation system in any cell. In 1977, U.S Chief Judge Raymond Pettine issued a legal opinion stating: "the record here overwhelmingly supports, and no one seriously disputes, the concession that the present Maximum Facility is irremediably obnoxious to constitutional standards and that it must be closed." He further states that Max's heating and non-existent ventilation system cannot be made to comply with Public Health Standards.

45 years later, our state continues to house incarcerated people in this building. During the summer of 2022, this facility incurred indoor temperatures of over 100 degrees. When community members made calls to RI Department of Corrections (RIDOC) requesting that fans be provided, we were informed that incarcerated people must buy their own from commissary at the cost of $18/fan, when they are making wages of $1-3/day. We were met with equal indifference when we then requested fans in solitary confinement, where incarcerated people are housed in windowless, cement cells 23+ hours every day, for weeks and months on end.

In the coming winter season, opposite but equally unacceptable conditions will occur. While RIDOC policies allow staff to wear coats, hats, and gloves to protect themselves from intolerably low temperatures, incarcerated people in Max are prohibited from doing the same.

Incarcerated people additionally report toxic mold; dirty water; and rodent and rat infestations. They inform us that mold and rust are rapidly painted over before inspections.

We have addressed complaints to the Department of Health and the Department of Capital Asset Management. However, at every turn we are told that ONLY RIDOC can respond to complaints about conditions inside the prison. For example, the Department of Environmental Management informed us that they can only investigate the quality of water being piped into the facility, not the water running inside the facility.

We have repeatedly requested inspection reports from RIDOC since 9/28/22, and have yet to receive them as of 11/2/22. 

How can RIDOC be expected to provide oversight of its own facilities? Why is the incarcerated population held separate from other Rhode Islanders when it comes to government standards of safety and health? Why is there no external oversight or enforcement of health codes at the ACI?

As Governor, you are responsible for the wellbeing of ALL Rhode Islanders, including incarcerated people, and you are the only external party who can affect change behind the walls. We call on you to: 

1. Facilitate a third-party, unannounced inspection of the Maximum Security facility; 

2. Require RIDOC to release internal inspection reports to the public within three business days after a request is made; 

3. Provide incarcerated people with free hats, gloves, thermals, coats, and boots in preparation for the winter (the cost of these items for one incarcerated individual would cost anywhere from two to ten months pay); and 

4. Commit to closing down this facility if you return to the Governor's Office. 


Melonie Perez, Realtor, Cranston 
Jazz Pierce, Johnston
Elisha Liberty, Coventry 
Michael Millington, Newport 
Anusha Alles, Staff Organizer, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, Cranston  
Cameo Carr, Cranston 
Martha L Perez, Cranston 
Jaime H Perez, Cranston 
Nikole Papi, Cranston 
Alexis Morales, Cranston 
Alexander Dominguez
Neha Reddy, Medical Student
Tessa Palazzo, Providence 
Christopher T. Wilson, Johnston 
Rachel Bishop
Leonard C Jefferson
Susan Miller
Tunji Yerima
Francis Strickler, Special Education Teacher
Andrew Mueller
Jocelyn Teixeira
Tyler Mills
Elijah Puente
Stephanie Strub, Pawtucket
Andrew Wright, Pawtucket 
Kiana Avlon
Morgan Wieck
Jess Huetteman
LB Rodzinak, state resident 
Sarah Palomo
Tasha Kaluzynski
Judi Little 
Jada Wooten, Brown Student
Sam R 
Kaylee B
Judy Legette, Providence 
Robert C. Rastella, Cranston 
Alijah Case, Pawtucket resident and educator 
Jeffrey Barbieri
Nevin Chin
Girolama S Barbieri 
Kaylee Bochner, Pawtucket 
David Raileanu 
Debra Harris, Outreach Recruitment Coordinator, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, Providence  
Alex Denisevich
Heather Harmon

David Chavez, Providence 
Tina Scott, Central Falls
Toni Wallace, Direct Action for Rights and Equality Board member, Providence
Harrison Tuttle, RI
Jazzlyn Jaxzyn, Pawtucket 
Bianca Cardoso, Pawtucket 
MJ Robinson, Providence
Ryan mcdonough, Newport
Jordan Jace, Providence 
Haley McKee, Providence 
Rahsaan Mahadeo, Providence 
Melaine Ferdinand-King, Providence 
Monica Huertas, Providence 
Libby Merrill, East Providence 
Patrick Gaynes, Jamestown
Todd Le, Providence, RI
Amanda Carosi RN, Johnston
Beka Yang, Providence
Adam Friedberg, Providence 
Abby L K Myers, Pawtucket
eb saldaña, Providence
Dr. Brashani Reece
Stop Torture RI
Yvorn Aswad, MD, Providence 
Aaron Jaehnig, Providence
Ben Evans, Pawtucket
Deborah Marini, Providence
James Vita, Providence
Malika Abbajebel, Providence
Jennifer Magaw, Esq., Pawtucket 
Rassmeay Morm, North Providence 
David Morales, State Representative, Providence
Tim mcvieh, Providence
Heather Jackson, LMHC, Providence
Sofia Sacerdote, 
Tiara Mack, Senator, Providence 
Albahiris, Independent Contractor, Providence  
Jennifer Muñoz, Pawtucket 
Katherine Muñoz, Pawtucket
Stephanie Gamboa, Pawtucket 
Margarita Cruz, Pawtucket 
Hakim Pettus, Community Activist, Providence 
Devra Levy, Providence
Terri Wright, Providence
Martha Yager
Susanna Yim, Community Advocate, Cranston
Jackie Goldman, 
Sheila W, Providence
Sherry Brown, Providence
Caroline Ballerstedt, Providence
Fatema Maswood, Providence
Devon Pinkus, 
Simone Fournier, Providence 
Rev. Dr. Donnie Anderson, Providence 
Maggie Chung, Providence 
Annabelle Everett, Providence
Brittany Palumbo, Barrington
Ellen Asermely, Scituate 
Amelia Wyckoff, Providence 
Kyra Duhaime, North Providence 
Treasure Tunstall, Providence 
Ramaar Logan, Direct Action for Rights and Equality/Behind the Walls Member, Providence 
Danni Elias, Providence 
Juan Turbidez, Communication Specialist for DARE (Direct Action for Rights and Equality), Providence
Mimi Wunsch, Providence 
Daria-Lyric Montaquila, North Providence
Sandra Carvalho, Cranston 
Kathleen Barbieri, Lincoln
Dana Heng, Providence
Lucia Perluck, Providence
Laura C Benoit, Providence
Maya Gutmann-McKenzie, Providence 
E Smizer, Providence 
Jasmina De Leon Gill, AMOR Deportion Defense Organizer / Case Manager, Providence, RI
Ciana Ayenu, Providence
Kelsie Walker, Cranston
Malick Santoz, providence 
Abigail Knapton, Warwick
Wesley Sanders, Providence 
Bianca Roberts, Boston College student,?Massachusetts 
Kristen Haines, educator at community libraries and RISD museum, Providence 
Maya Stevenson, Boston 
Down The Road Movers, Providence 
DaMario Walker-Brown, Boston
Hannah Meyer, Providence 
Enna Spivak, Boston
Ilda Fontes, Pawtucket 
Megan Elizabeth Jackson, RWU 2L, Providence
Benjamin D, Coventry
Cody Ross, Providence 
Eric Larson
Suzette Cook, National Council FreeHer Campaign, Providence Ri
Peter Donegan, MA
Sherena Razek, President, Graduate Labor Organization at Brown University, Providence  Kaitlyn Vicente, Providence
Rahul Vanjani, MD, Cranston
Nova Mcguirk, Providence 
Lisa Hawkins, Providence 

Joann Manning, Behind The Walls Member, Providence 
Alex Pizzuti, Providence
Meredith Brandt, Providence 
Jesse Smith, Providence
Ashley Perry, Providence 
Wren E. Jackson, Bryn Mawr College Student, South Kingstown 
Alexandra Perkins, Artist, Providence
Jeffrey Yoo Warren, Providence
Woodzie Dandy, Providence 
Sy Bedrick, Providence
Leonela Felix, State Representative District 61, Pawtucket
Rosie Gillies, Providence 
Greta Scheing, Providence
Aidan Wilder, Providence
Alyssa Peachey, Providence
Jeffrey Matteis, Cranston
Emily Nomura, Providence
Tycho Horan, Cofounder, Binch Press, Providence, RI
T. Deutch, Providence
Dan Mitrovic, Educator, Providence
Rachel Boatman, MLIS, Providence
Gabrielle Purchon, Providence
Natalie Cohen, Providence
Natalie F
Sam Merrick, Providence
Erin Perfect, Providence
Annabel Lyman, Providence
Kathryn Behan, Newport
Julia Gualtieri, Providence
Joshua Wilcox, Providence 
Hayden Pfeiffer, Providence 
Sean O, Providence 

Penina Gal, Providence 
Cynthia Mendes, State Senator, District 18, East Providence and Pawtucket 
Daria Phoebe Brashear, Cranston
Joshua Rosales, Providence 
Delaney Whitaker, Providence

Emeran Irby, Providence
Jules Zuckerberg, Providence 
Kara D.
Anna Gray, Richmond, RI

Alby Pearson, Providence 
Mandy Wencus, Providence 
Liza Burkin, Providence 
Corrina Banks, Central Falls 
Harper Keehn, owner Sharper Harper LLC, Providence
Maru Attwood, Providence 
Cristiane C., Providence
Veronica Pesak, Providence 
AnneMarie Wolfe, small business owner, Providence 
Luke Dani Blue, Pawtucket
ses fable, Providence 
Kelly C, Pawtucket
Erica Zanghi, Providence
Carlton Williams, Massachusetts 
Victoria Stilwell, Providence
Colleen Keenan, Providence
Zooey Kim Conner, Providence
Abigail Huber, Providence 

Alicia Joo, Resident, Providence
Alexa Barriga, Organizing Coordinator for SISTA Fire RI, Providence
Arenal Haut, Brown Student
Lucy Williams, Providence
Emily Boucher (teacher, activist), Narragansett 
Ben Taylor, Wakefield
Melissa L, Providence
Charli Canoll, Providence
Jamel Brown, Providence
Martha K, Cranston
Alicia Gauvin, Cranston
Ogechukwu Uwanaka, MD, Providence 
Iman Sigman, Medical Student, Providence
Mateo Ríos, Providence
Timothy Fischer, LCSW, Providence
Hanna Aboueid, Providence 
Isis Van Putten, Providence 
Ella Satish, Medical Student at The Warren Alpert Medical School, Providence 
Madison Emond, Providence, RI
Thomas Boettner, Providence 
Trent Manning, Providence 
Daphney P, Providence
Lizz Malloy, Providence
Grace Nickerson, Cranston
Tina Brown-Stevenson, previously Hope Valley, RI
George Wiley Center, RI 
Ditra Edwards, SISTAFIRE Executive Director, Providence
Anita Bruno, North Scituate
Dannie Ritchie MD, MPH, Providence
Samantha Reisman, Providence
Sarah Hashem- Youth Programs Director Groundwork RI, Providence
Jena M. Gaines, Providence
Suzanne Pages, Providence
Casandra Inez, Providence
Reina J Thomas, Providence
Mayra Paulino, Barrington
Christopher Murphy, Barrington
Henry Aybar, Chimney Professional, Providence
Mely Taveras, Pawtucket
Yuselly Mendoza, Olneyville Neighborhood Association
Lynnette Daveiga, Providence
Andre' Fullen, Providence
John Rosenwinkel, Providence
Sam Coren, PhD Candidate, Brown University, Providence
Elizabeth Costa, Providence
Formerly Incarcerated Union of Rhode Island
Cherie L. Cruz, Representative Elect, District 58, Pawtucket
Elizabeth Costa, Providence R.I
Sage Morgan-Hubbard, Providence, RI
Bernice Morris, Cranston
Jordan Schmolka, Providence
Elizabeth Costa, Providence R.I
Ryan Laughlin, Providence
Justin Lang, Providence
Chandra Dash, Providence
Meghna Tummala, Providence, RI
Elizabeth Truskoski, licensed mental health counselor, Providence
ERO, Burlington
Melanie DeSantis, teacher & librarian, Westerly
Edwin Otero, Warwick
IU, Pawtucket, RI
Sally Bozzuto, Providence
Quetrin Kunhardt, RI Notary Public, Central Falls
Indigo Forbes, Providence
Emily Dix Thomas, Providence
Sara Dunn, Providence
Marc Dure, Providence
Selene Means , RI citizen, Providence
Nicole Paynich, Warwick
Tatiana Reis, Community Member, Central Falls
David Durstewitz, Providence
Sara Chace Dwyer, Cranston
Marquise Bean, Providence
Erika Young, Newport
Danii Carrasco, Providence
Yasmine Hassam, Providence
Lynn Blair, Providence
Emily G, Warwick
Milo Giovanniello, Providence
Kyle Gray, Providence
Independent Socialist Group organizer, medical student
Jai Chavis, RI
Alexis Hall, Providence
Brittany Kraft, Warwick
Christopher Duffy, Providence
LG Levesque-Gottlieb, Portsmouth
Emilie Lum, Cranston
Ellie Blumberg, Providence
Hannah Saiger, Providence
Christopher Samih-Rotondo, Providence
Rojin Sharifi, Toronto
Franklin Mercado, Providence
Danielle Isom, New Bedford
Rachel Perry, Providence
Eli Nixon, Pawtucket, RI
Rae Hebron, Providence
Matthew Perry, MD, ScM, Providence
Jessica Cabral, South Kingstown
Ms Maria Sanchez Collins, Cranston
Eddie Franco, formerly incarcerated convict, Cranston
G Murphy, Newport
Diane Pimentel, Cranston
Kevin Ouimette
Kevin O. Lynch, Cranston
Eric Menard, Providence
A.K. Menard, Scituate
Isabel Irizarry, Providence
Rhea Lovell, social worker student, Providence
Keesler Gomes, Pawtucket
Chloe Davis, civil rights attorney, Cranston
Cathy G. Johnson, Teacher, Providence
Ellen Zahniser, Warren
Tyler Joseph, Providence
Dennis A. Bailer, Central Falls
Jori Ketten, Cranston
Mira Goodman, Providence
Marc Peskin, Cranston,R.I
Hannah Barnet, Registered Nurse, Providence
Charlotte Abotsi, Providence
Mimi Chrzanowski, Providence
Anya Talatinian, Providence
Ginger pop, Minneapolis
Brandon Perras, Providence
Claire N, East providence
Ruth Madsen, Pawtucket
Juli Anna Herndon, Providence
Catherine Druken, Newport
Alan Cohen, Pawtucket
Lisa Pina-Warren, East Providence
Melanie Fuest, Providence
Delaney Rauch, Providence
Milo Heard, College Student, Cranston
Eliza Dexter Cohen, Providence
Jessica Damicis, Scituate
Cristina Soto, Providence
Michelle Robinson, Pawtucket RI
Cimmaron, FANG Community Bail Fund and Behind the Walls Meeting, Providence
June Kramer, Bail Fund Coordinator, FANG Community Bail Fund, Providence
Ezra McPherson, Providence
Breanna Canning, Providence teacher, Cranston
Sarah Ogundare, Providence
Brenda Plante, Providence
Marta Abrams, Cranston
John James Duarte, Pawtucket
addie boyd, Providence
Black & Pink Providence
Dawud Alexis, Founder: Daddy Dearest Designs, Providence
Angela Qian, Providence
Dewayne Boo Hackney, Providence
Jessica Repose, Warwick
Francesca Gallo, Providence
Evelyn O’Regan, Providence
David Mann, Providence
Riley Nedder, Narragansett
Courtney Caldwell, Cranston
Andrew Eberly, Exeter
Jacqueline Swisshelm, Providence
Charlie Best, Providence
Abby Wright, Cranston
Madalaine Vericker, Providence
Katarina Ezikovich, Pawtucket
Spencer W Santos, Providence
George Fougere, Cumberland
Vito Deluca JR, Pawtucket
Matthew Ramsey, URI Professor, Richmond, RI
Anna Kastner, Providence
Jamie Buck, East Providence
Xia Josiah-Faeduwor, community organizer, Providence
Nick Carter, Providence
Ariel Tavares, Providence
Brianna DeLuca, Cranston

Dana Kretzmann, Cranston
Raquel Baker, Riverside
Julianne Dugas, North Kingstown
Alexandra Tilden, Providence
Kristin vegh, Providence
Nayelis Correa, Cranston
Cosette Boucher, South Kingstown
Steven Thompson Supervisor Mens Substance, Westerly
Daniel Parra, Brown Medical Student, Providence
Fenda Konte, Pawtucket
Jillian Winters, Providence
Victor Xia, Providence
Jessica Minker, Providence
Abigail Burr, Providence
Nat Hardy, Cranston
Caterina Maina, Providence
Sadie Elliott-Hart, Providence
Sasha Kusnetz, Providence
Yuna S. Providence
Pastor Sherrod Jones -senior pastor of restoration church providence campus, North providence
Allison Bailey, Warwick
zuri arman, Providence
Zaidee Everett, Providence
Haley De La Rosa, Providence
g druken, providence
Sally Caruso, Barrington
Su Chu, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Pawtucket
Stephanie Maclean, Providence
Sidney Lane, Providence
Alexandra Fasano, Bristol
Kwana adams, Providence
Funmibi Yusuff, Providence
Cory Ross, Providence
Laura Hodges, MD, Providence
Nelson Lin
Ayanna Searight, Providence
Robert Mirabella, Cranston
Zoé Samudzi, Assistant Professor at RISD, Providence
Brianna Dewornu, Pawtucket
Diandra W
Thomas Lumpkins, Providence
Becki Marcus, Providence
Sage Mueller MSW student, Foster
Charles Young, Seekonk
Erika DeCataldo, East Providence
Thomas Porraro, Providence
Steve Ahlquist, Uprise RI, Providence

Terrence Green, Providence
Thomas Wallace, Pawtucket
Tobias Gray, Pawtucket
Nithin Paul, physician, Providence
Jessica Simas, Pawtucket
Michael Carvalho, Cranston
Yijing Huang, RI
Chloe Castaneda, constituent, Providence, RI
Anna Glass, Providence
Allyson Quay, Portsmouth
Kay Belardinelli, Providence
Peter Nightingale, Kingston
Pamela Poniatowski, RI Poor People's Campaign, Riverside
Christian Torre, Providence
Yaniri Contrera, Providence
Rev. Duane Clinker, Cranston
Tanya Velazquez, Providence
Eric Young, Providence Rhode Island
Ilana Rose
Alex Purdy, Providence
Kate Gronner, Providence
Barbara BOTELHO, Warwick
Tara Cimini, Providence
Sarah Robbins, Providence
Alex Leonard, Providence
Anthony Tinaro, Providence College Student, Warwick

Sally Mendzela, North Providence
Christina Crockett, Providence
Natalia Friedlander, Attorney, RI Center for Justice, Providence
Lee Rodman, Providence
Sydney Hebert, Pawtucket
Ashlee Dennis, North Kingstown
Jai-Me Potter-Rutledge, public health practitioner, West warwick
Trina P, West Warwick
Kyleah Benton, Providence
Joshua Nadeau, RI

Sylvia DeBritto, Providence
Lisa Alvarez, Cranston
Iverca Arrendell, Miami Fl
Jen-ie lawson, Providence
Josie Rodriguez, Providence
Alison Carroll, East Providence
mckaylha rohrbach, pawtucket
Jenycia Soares, Pawtucket
Anelyn Jimenez, Providence
Lillivette villanueva, Providence RI
Michelle Ennis, Johnston
Jashira , CNA New Bedford, resident Pawtucket, RI
Brian Wilder, Cranston

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