2017-2018 Safety Quiz
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Are you allowed to use steel shot to shoot on the range? *
What is required before you can begin to shoot? *
Which of the following chokes has the widest pattern? *
Which of the following chokes has the tightest pattern? *
Which of the following has a tighter pattern? *
Where must you always keep your gun pointed? *
If you see someone doing something unsafe on the range, what do you do? *
If you have a misfire what should you do? *
How many targets are in one round of trap and skeet? *
When handling firearms, always assume every firearm to be ________. *
You are allowed to load your gun before it is your turn to shoot. *
You load shells into the action of the gun. *
You can rest your gun on your foot or toe. *
You can use a 12 gauge or 20 gauge gun to shoot. *
You can use 20 gauge shells out of a 12 gauge gun. *
You must pick up all hulls and trash on the range after you are done shooting. *
It is ok to shoot somebody else's gun without their permission. *
You can bring whoever you want, to shoot with you on the club's range. *
Do you give TAMU Trap & Skeet media consent? *
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