ALA South Dakota Girls State - Delegate Evaluation
Dear Delegate:

We have made an earnest attempt to provide you with the best program possible in terms of time, talent, and experience. With this in mind, your suggestions for improving the ALA SD Girls State Program are honestly sought and will be of real use in planning next year's program. Please rate the following items (and respond to the questions below).
You were a resident of what city? *
Overall experience. *
General information given by counselors. *
Help given by junior counselors. *
Information given on city government. *
Information given on county government. *
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Experiences in city government. *
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Please identify and evaluate your experience in state government (rate only the one in which you were involved).
Remember you can make comments below to further explain your thoughts on what was good and what did not work well for you.
Additional comments on judicial experience:
Additional comments on legislative experience:
Additional comments on executive experience:
Citizen Forum
Additional comments on citizen forum experience:
Of which political party were you a member? *
Based on what you said you expected from this week, what did you get? *
What are three things you would tell a future Girls State? *
What I did to get the most out of this week was... *
What did other Girls Staters do to assist you to get the most out of the experience? *
What did your counselor/junior counselor do to contribute the most to your week? *
What as the most positive aspect of your week? *
What could we have done to make your week even better? *
Any other comments about your week at Girls State? *
If you would like to be considered for a junior counselor position, please provide the following information:
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