Design Team Volunteer Form
We are looking to build up a team of volunteers we can call upon to help make cool and memorable posters and/or other promo materials for GRCB events year round! These can range from community events, to amazing shows, to actual session artwork! If you have a passion for GRCB and what we do and like to make things that inspire other people, then this is the year round volunteer position for you!

• Design fun, rad, eye catching poster and event designs that inspire people to get involved!
• Have a pool of local artists to showcase and support the same way they support us!
• Bring together people in saying YUCK to the status quo.
• Design at least 1 poster or promotional material a year for a GRCB event/program
• Make sure promo materials meet all needs for the event!
• Make as many as you want, don’t stop at one if you are inspired!
Things to note:
• We are a feminist YOUTH serving org, so materials should be appropriate to the audience.

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