Talent Show Act Signup
Students may participate in a class act, a solo act, or a group act, however, all acts must have a parent supervisor. The supervisor is responsible to hold practices, provide music and props for the act, communicate with the chairperson, and review the rules below in order to have a smooth show.

The deadline for submitting the act is FRIDAY, JANUARY 3rd.

Each act must have a parent volunteer who is responsible for the music and practice for the students involved. All full class acts must have at least 2 parent helpers for the act.

Please review the following rules:

Acts must not be more than 3 minutes long.
Parents are responsible to listen to the music, print the lyrics, and email both no later than January 15th. Email to BOTH: Janet Padula at janet_padula@hotmail.com and Mr. Merrick at rmerrick@sischool.org
Parents are responsible to hold practices, either in school or at home, and must also attend at least one on stage practice WITH ME prior to the rehearsal. If you do not attend a rehearsal with me, your act will be placed last in the show line up. Not meeting with me ahead of time causes hold ups during the after school rehearsal, and it is important to keep the show moving along.
All props need to be approved by Chairperson, videos can only take up to a minute of act and requires stage act as well. Video is limited
If doing a class act, please consult with the classroom teacher for times convenient to practice.
Teachers are NOT responsible for class acts. Please be respectful of their class time and return students to classes in a timely manner. Lunch/recess ends at 12:40pm. Please check with the teacher if you are planning on going longer.
Class acts are open to kindergarten through 8th grade
Single acts are open to students in grades 1 through 8.
Act are open to signing, dancing, instrumental selections and skits.
Parents are responsible for appropriate costuming for their act.
All parents must have clearances completed with the school in order to help.
Any questions please email Janet Padula at janet_padula@hotmail.com
All students should have fun and be creative, and parents should guide them and help them so their stage performance is a successful one.
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