Hogwarts @ MVUUC Summer Camp Weekend 2021
Camp Theme: Wizard Hats & Water Slides!

Welcome back witches and wizards! We are so excited to see you all again in person this year and take you on a new journey to a wizarding world summer camp!

Since Hogwarts regular school-week is still not yet safe for young witches and wizards, we are opening up Hogwarts @ MVUUC for a Summer Camp Weekend! Instead of our regular classes, we’ll have more “traditional” summer camp activities, but with a magical twist! Campers can choose from magic candle making, basket weaving, compass making, patronus sculpting, wand making, archery, rocketry, friendship bracelets, and more!!

We’ll also have an outdoor movie, stargazing with a telescope, Quidditch, evening campfire, and a giant inflatable waterslide!! All campers are invited to stay overnight in tents, and all meals and snacks will be provided.

Camp will run from 3:00 p.m. Friday, August 13th through 5:00 p.m. Saturday, August 14th.

Parents are welcome to participate in our camp-out; however, in order to ensure we have the appropriate amount of food and materials for activities, parents are asked to let us know ahead of time when they plan to be at camp. In general, parents will be asked to pay $5 per meal and $5 per activity, and agree to help supervise their own children. Parents are welcome to spend the night with their kids in tents, kids under 10 are required to have a parent with them if they stay overnight.

Fee Schedule
Kid Camper Overnight $90
Kid Camper, No Overnight $80
Parent/Guardian, $5 per meal, $5 per activity (total cost to parent for attending whole camp would be $40)

Campers should bring:
Their own tent (see tent sharing policy below). If a family doesn’t have a tent, a limited number of tents are available to borrow.
Sleeping bag and pillow
1 change of clothes, bathing suit, pajamas (all campers will be getting a towel to keep!)
Toothbrush and toothpaste
We will have sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, and general first aid supplies. All meals, snacks, and water will be provided. Campers will also receive a camp beach towel.

To view the schedule please go to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/128mPKGYooAx25KUOGWdSo79oXeoRb_4M/view?usp=sharing

Questions? Please contact Professor Rainbow (Dr. Rainey-Smithback) at 419-806-2143 or dre@mvuuc.org
Parent/Guardian First and Last Name(s)
Parent/Guardian Email Address
Parent/Guardian Home or Cell Phone Number
Parent/Guardian Mailing Address
Emergency Contact Name, Relationship, and Phone Number
Name all people who can drop-off or pick-up child(ren)? (Please note that all adults picking-up children will need to be on this list and bring a picture ID)
How did you find out about the summer camp?
Will this child be spending the night at camp? (Please note that children must tent together in the same household. HOWEVER, vaccinated kids aged 12 and up are permitted to tent together with friends outside their households but parents will need to contact the camp director to make this arrangement. Children 9 and under must have a parent with them to spend the night at camp. The parent/guardian must be with child from 10:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m.).
Clear selection
This year, parents are welcome to attend camp with their kids for a family experience. We ask that parents 1) agree to help supervise their child, and 2) pay $5 per workshop/event (to help cover supplies), and $5 per meal. If a parent attends the whole weekend, that would come to $40 (parents cannot do water slide so no towel or charge for that event). PARENTS MUST REGISTER AHEAD OF TIME, so in this space please let us know if/when a parent (and how many parents) may be attending with the child(ren). Does this child have any parents/guardians that plan to attend part or all of camp? Please provide details.
Will you need to borrow at tent?
Child's Name
Child's Birthdate
What grade is your child entering in the Fall 2021?
Once registered, we'll be sending the kids a form to sign up for age-appropriate workshops, but knowing grade levels will helps us find the appropriate mix of workshops. Some of the workshops will be magic candle making, basket weaving, wand making, rocketry, compass making, and so on.
Clear selection
Please list any food and/or environmental allergies, including severity and required treatment.
Are there any medical or behavior concerns?
Child's gender identity
Do you have more children to enroll? *
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