React Tutorial Signup (Nov 5th)
WHEN: Thursday, Nov. 5th. 5h30pm-8h30pm
WHERE: We'll send you the YouTube link:)

Come learn React in this workshop given by Concordia alumnus, Autodesk Full Stack Developer Lenmor Larroza Dimanalata! React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You'll get a solid foundation in web programming to help you create your next project!

Topics include but are not limited to:

-What React is and what you can do with it
-Modern Javascript (ES6) syntax and tricks
-Writing JSX and rendering elements to HTML
-Building components, composition and splitting
-Displaying lists of item objects using components
-Understanding React data flow with props and state
-Using Hooks in function components
-Adding interactivity with HTML inputs, forms and event-handling
-Fetching data from a public API
-Building a project while thinking in React

Workshop be streamed on our YouTube, make sure you subscribe to get notified!:
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