NYSMusic Staff Show Submission
Writer / Photographer, please complete this form for all shows you plan / want to cover, or already did cover (post hoc), this way we can keep an accurate record of ALL the shows we have covered.

General Submission Guidelines:

DO NOT submit a show request before the show is officially announced.

DO NOT submit festival requests here. There will be a separate form for festival requests (coming soon).

IF only one person has requested to cover a show, and it is 14 days before the show date, you are automatically approved. Please submit the request and cc your area's editor / contact person.

IF multiple people have requested a show, the area's assigned editor / contact will decide who will be given the assignment. This task will be completed 14-28 days prior to the date of the show, depending on band popularity / size of venue. Once approved, please submit the request and cc your area's editor / contact person.

IF the show is 21 day's away and there are multiple requests and the area's assigned editor / contact has to failed mark on the spreadsheet who has been given the assignment, please post in FB and tag the appropriate editor / contact to prompt them to take action, or remind via messenger / group chat.

IF your decision to cover a show demands that you know you will be given the assignment (e.g. travel, hotels, other conflicts, etc.) please note this when submitting and ask for an early decision and reach out to the appropriate editor / contact for your area.

DEFAULT liaison between NYS Music and the band / venue / media / PR contact is always the writer. In absence of a writer, the photographer will act as liaison. In both cases, initial contacts to band / venue / media / PR contact need to have an editor (using his / her @nysmusic email address) cc'd on the email.

OTHER: Reach out to an editor or crowd source your questions, comments, concerns, or queries about this form and related process.

PROTIP: Bookmark this link in your browser. If the link changes for some reason, we will let you know.

PS: Do not hesitate to submit a show if others have too. We are not doing first come - first served.

ONE MORE THING: The spreadsheet to view the requests / assignments will be added to your google drive in the "shared" folder once you have provided the gmail address you wish to be associated with this document. If you have not done so, you can do that here > https://goo.gl/forms/INGfvyVQDHcoKmX22

REMEMBER, you must be signed into the gmail account you provided in order to use filters / sorting / search features. If you have not provided a gmail account, or are somewhere without access to your gmail account, you can still view the spreadsheet from any browser without being signed in to google, but it will be more cumbersome to navigate, although not impossible. The link to view the spreadsheet is here >


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