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Who is your Program Director?
What is the timeline for the project you are working with in your class?
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Sound Booth Recording
• Sound Booth Engineer Required for rental ($18/hr from your program budget)

Computer Lab
• 24 iMac Computers
• Adobe Suite
• Premiere Elements
• Photoshop Elements

Music Production Editing
• Garage Band
• Logic

What would you need the lab for?
(Photo Editing, Video Editing, Music Production, etc)
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Please select if you will be using the Recording Booth
This option is based on availability of the sound engineer. We will confirm with you if there is a conflict in schedule.
How many students will be present?
(There is a maximum capacity of 15-20)
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How many staff members will be present?
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What days would you like bring students to lab?
Please provide 3 options for dates & specify a time block for each (i.e., 01/23/2017 11AM - 1PM)
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(i.e., 01/23/2017 11AM - 1PM)
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(i.e., 01/23/2017 11AM - 1PM)
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