Desk to Dirtbag Reader Survey
This is a quick reader survey so I can better understand why *YOU* are reading what I write and what *I* can do to better serve you in the future. I'm looking for honest and constructive feedback--all your responses are totally anonymous.
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How long would you say you've been following my blog?
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Do you remember how you came across my blog in the first place?
A specific blog post on the site and whether it was Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
Why do you follow my blog?
What is it that you like about the blog and get out of it?
What would you like to see more of on the blog?
Content specifically related to what sorts of topics?
What would you prefer to see less of on the blog? Or what changes and suggestions do you have?
Could be specific types of content that you don't enjoy, or technical suggestions related to the site, layout, info, etc.
What goals or ambitions do you have related to the content I produce that I might be able to address in the future?
Things related to quitting your job, long term travel, making money online, starting a blog, climbing a major peak, etc, etc.
Anything else you'd like to add related to my blog and social media/communications?
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