WPSA Rate Survey 2018
Please only submit one response per agency. If you have questions, please contact Erin Fabrizius, efabrizius@mblumenfeld.com
1.How many personal care workers does your agency employ?
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2. How many individuals receive personal care services through your agency?
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3. What percent of your agency's revenue comes from Medicaid funding?
4. Do you believe the current MAPC rate adequately reflects the cost of doing business?
5. If you answered "no" to the previous question, what do you estimate is the actual hourly cost of providing services?
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6. What impact did the 2% rate increase approved as part of the last budget have on your agency, if any?
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7. During the past year, has your agency had to:
8. What percent of your clients would you say can't use all of their authorized hours because there aren't enough workers?
9. Has your agency needed to layoff staff or reduce hours within the last year?
10. What is the average yearly turnover rate for personal care workers at your agency?
11. Does your agency find it difficult to fill job vacancies?
12. Is your agency considering any of the following:
13. Has your agency done any of the following within the past year
14. If you answered "yes" to the previous question, which counties were impacted? (i.e. stopped providing personal care in Dane, Adams and Columbia counties).
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15.What percent of your workers rely on public assistance (i.e. FoodShare, BadgerCare, Wisconsin Shares)?
16. What percent of your workers are family caregivers?
17. As WPSA communicates with state legislators during this legislative session, what information would you like us to relay about the current challenges or opportunities facing personal care agencies?
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