Requesting ECT certificate RIOTs seminar attendance 2020
By completing this form, you can request an ECT certificate for your RIOTS seminar attendance in 2020. A new form will be created twice a year (June and December) and distributed via our mailing lists.

Important: you can only request an ECT certificate if you have attended at least 3 of our seminars.

Please fill out which live seminars you have attended below; these can be sessions from the Rotterdam RIOTs or any of the other RIOTs sites. Attendance is recorded via MS Teams and will be checked prior to giving out the certificate. To ensure this procedure can be followed properly, we ask everyone that wants to obtain ECTs to attend our sessions by joining with an account that has your name.

We ask you to give us your email-address so that we can send your certificate to you.

If you have any questions about the procedures described above, please let us know via:
Email address *
Have you attended at least 3 seminars (via MS Teams)? *
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