The Sycamore School Application 2020-21
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Sycamore is a collaborative community, and we expect and depend upon all families to be active partners in the work of the school, whether in the classroom or out. Please describe the ways you are willing and available to be involved. Include if you are able to be at the school, as much as one day a week, on a regular basis. Please also describe any circumstances that limit your involvement and availability.
How would you describe your understanding of the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy? What are some aspects of the philosophy resonates with you? *
After your completed application is received you will be contacted by a member of the Sycamore board about next steps in the application process. Acceptance of any child at Sycamore is a decision of the board and staff and is based on the compatibility of the school, the parents, and the child. Accurate and complete information relating to a student’s special learning issues, emotional stability, or physical limitations should be disclosed during the application process. With such accurate information our leadership can carefully and prayerfully evaluate how effectively we can meet the needs of each student. Currently, we do not have a program dedicated to the needs of learning disabled or physically handicapped students. However, a student with these needs is not automatically denied admission.                                                                 *
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