Jessica's Still Making Pussyhats
The March on Washington is in the past, but I'm still making pussyhats, y'all. Help me fill up my knitting queue with some crafting for good causes!
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Who is this hat for? *
(Fill in either your name - not just "ME" - or the person's name for whom you're ordering a hat.)
The default is pink. If you want a different color, now is the time to let me know.
(I'm not a huge fan of pink myself, so I've been choosing a lot of plums, purples, dusty roses, etc. If this is left blank, I'll assume whatever pink I've got is A-okay with you, but some version of pink or red or purple has to be in these hats.)
The default hats I've been making are about 9" wide at the brim. (They stretch.) If you want a different size... You know the drill.
(These fit my head, and I have a giant noggin. Just FYI.)
To what cause(s) will you donate in exchange for this hat? *
How much will you donate? *
(May I suggest a donation of at least $25? And hey, if you wanna become a monthly supporter to spread out your donations, all the better!)
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