Individual Learning Conversation
Teachers, please complete all fields. The aim is to build on the student's own learning survey and add more specific detail to their profiles. In this way, we can better cater for their learning needs and provide appropriate Professional Learning and support for class teachers.
Background Information
Please enter student's details as per the profile you have received.
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Reason for Student Learning Conversation *
Based on the student information sheet you received, please record the details here. NOTE: Tick all that apply i.e., if student has NAPLAN scores at or below benchmarks in one or more areas, tick each that applies. If the student is a new arrival and/or "school determined" as being at risk for any reason, tick those boxes.
Student Learning Conversation
Prior to starting on this section, discuss with the student some of his strengths and successes. (This part of the discussion does not need to be recorded). Then, work your way through the rest of the questions/sections. The aim of this portion is to ascertain what the student's primary areas of need are, and to identify what he feels are some strategies he can use to help himself, and to identify what his classroom teachers can do to assist him.
Areas of need/challenge/difficulty - "What areas of study/school do you find most difficult?" *
Have the student identify specific areas of need in his learning. You may have to prompt him with suggestions from this list. He may not understand all of the terminology below, so please use your judgement and explain as needed. Tick all that apply. If "other" apply, tick that box and complete the next section.
Other areas of study/school you find difficult...
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"What are some strategies or approaches your teachers use in class that you find help you to learn?" *
Complete the next question if "other" apply.
Other things teachers do that you find helpful in your learning.
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"What are some things you can do to help yourself be a better learner?" *
The focus here is on helping the student identify a few changes they can make in their own learning habits that will improve their learning
Behaviour in Class
Two quick questions to determine if student is aware of own behaviours in class, and if there is a link between this and learning...
Indicate which behaviours typically apply to you in a classroom *
Explain in a few words WHY you think you behave in class as you do... *
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Goal Setting: "Where to from here?"
Using the previously identified information, guide the student towards setting three concrete goals to improve his learning in the short term
Goal 1 *
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Goal 2 *
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Goal 3
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Finalising the interview
Thank the student for his participation. Advise him that early next term he and his parents will receive a letter outlining his identified areas of need, what helps him learn, what he will do to help himself, and what his learning goals are.

If you are comfortable establishing some form of ongoing informal conversation with the student, offer to meet him at some other time or suggest he has a chat to you at some point early next term when you are on duty, etc. If not, thank you for participating and thank the student again.

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