Greyt Angels Standard Adoption/Fostering Application Form
Please note that the policy of Greyt Angels Greyhound Adoption, Inc. is to place dogs in homes located within a 2-3 hour driving radius of Goshen, Indiana. This is to provide the best possible post-adoption support to our Greyt Angels families. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule. 
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About This Form and the Application Process Through Greyt Angels
You can expect this form to take 15-45 minutes to complete. Information you will need includes but is not limited to: 
  • Basic personal and contact information about you and any other adult person living in the residence 

  • Information about your household, such as activity level, hours spent away from home, restrictions on pets (by your landlord, neighborhood, or municipality), yard and fence dimensions (if applicable), etc.

  • Basic contact information for two references and your veterinarian.
Greyhound and/or greyhound mix (commonly known as a "lurcher") ownership is a serious responsibility and commitment. This application is intended to assist Greyt Angels Greyhound Adoption, Inc., in evaluating the willingness and ability of prospective adopters to meet that responsibility. If you are not willing to accept some temporary problems you may want to reconsider whether or not to adopt.

You should expect a period of adjustment, not all dogs adjust as quickly as others. Please do not consider adoption if you will not be able to make a lifelong commitment. The average purebred greyhound can be expected to live in excess of 12 years, while lurcher life expectancy can be more or less than 12 years. Please also consider the financial responsibility in adopting a dog. This responsibility does not end with the final adoption fee. While purebred greyhounds and lurchers both tend to be healthy breeds — they are, after all, bred to be athletes, as opposed to being bred for aesthetics— there are veterinary costs associated with caring for any dog.

Multiple applications may be received on the same dog; adoptions are not decided on a "first come" basis. Our board will review each application to decide the best home for the hound. Our goal is to place our hounds in the best environment for their personality, temperament, activity level, etc. to ensure that they have a forever home. Greyt Angels reserves the right to deny any application for any reason and without explanation either outright, or during any stage of the adoption process, including during or after a home visit.

If you do not have cats or other small animals, please consider adopting one of our hounds that is not small animal tolerant. The higher prey drive hounds are just as friendly, cute, lovable and outgoing towards people as their small animal tolerant counterparts, but often wait longer on their forever homes due to their high prey drive.
Privacy Disclaimer
Greyt Angels Greyhound Adoption, Inc. ("we" or "us" in this section) are the sole owners of the information collected through this form.

We only have access to, or collect information that you voluntarily give us through filling out this form. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone, and will only share it with select volunteers within Greyt Angels who handle adoptions.

By filling out this form you give us explicit permission to contact you and associated references, such as your place(s) of employment, your veterinarian, and personal references.
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