Impact Survey for Teens
As of right now, COVID-19 has closed schools for the foreseeable future. We want to know how it is affecting you and what needs you have right now.

We get it, school may be the furthest thing from your mind right now. It's technically Spring Break after all. By participating in this survey, you can help shape the direction of services and programs available in the future.

We want to support you, your needs, your interests, your dreams.

Your voice matters.
First of all- how are you doing?
Terrible. Feeling hopeless, scared, depressed
Totally good. Not sure what everyone is so worried about.
Clear selection
What are your top 3 priorities right now
What school do you go to normally?
Is your school sending you materials or providing online work/ support?
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Would you be interested in learning new skills, exploring hobbies, honing creativity, and getting connected to real experts, mentors, and friends?
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Anything you want to share about how school closures or the current health crisis are affecting you?
Lark Academy is transitioning from creating a single learner-centered high school, to creating a whole learner-centered network. This isn't about seat-time or missed tests. This is about stimulating curiosity, exercising critical thinking, building community, sparking interest, and furthering skills and knowledge across the board. This is about you.
That's it! Thank you!
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