Volunteer as Associate Chair for MobileHCI 2020
We would like to invite individuals to volunteer as an Associate Chair for the Program Committee for MobileHCI 2020, “Expanding the horizon of mobile interaction”.

We aim for a diverse and inclusive MobileHCI 2020 Program Committee representing a variety of backgrounds. We are especially interested in attracting new researchers to the field. MobileHCI seeks contributions in the form of innovations, insights, or analyses related to human computer interaction and experiences in mobility. The conference series has shaped research, development and practice in mobile devices and services for nearly two decades. MobileHCI 2020 welcomes contributions related to any aspect of HCI technology, experience, methodology, and theory. Our interpretation of mobility is inclusive and broadly construed.

Program committee members will be selected from volunteering individuals, and suggested invitees.

Volunteers are expected to have a sufficiently basic experience with MobileHCI and with reviewing. The requirements for serving as an AC are (1) having published at least one paper or note at MobileHCI, and (2) having reviewed at least one paper or note for MobileHCI. These are the *minimal* requirements; most ACs have significantly more reviewing and authoring experience at MobileHCI and other related SIGCHI conference venues.

For those of you who did not act as an AC before, let us share our expectations with regard to this volunteer service: AC’ing is a significant commitment of time, effort, and energy. AC’ing means taking responsibility as 1AC (primary associate chair) for the peer review of around 5 papers and as a 2AC (secondary associate chair) for around 5 more. Consequently, AC’ing is significantly more work than reviewing.

As 1AC, you will be required to find two experts to review each of your papers; as 2AC you will be required to write a review for the papers for which you are assigned as 2AC. These should be high-quality reviewers with a strong background in the topic and/or methods of the paper. As the review deadline approaches, it is the responsibility of the ACs to ensure that high-quality reviews are submitted on time; this often requires some pestering of reviewers and occasionally requires some gentle prodding when reviews are inadequate.

*** 1AC AND 2AC ***
As 1AC, you will be required to write a meta review summarizing the opinions of the three reviewers, and including your own expert opinion. You may be required to initiate discussion between reviewers if there is need. If a paper is neither a “clear accept” nor a “clear reject” based on numeric criteria, or if either the 1AC or 2AC sees a need for further discussion, the 2AC will write his or her meta review before the rebuttal period.

After the reviews and meta reviews are written, the authors will have a chance to respond in their rebuttal. The 1AC must ensure all reviewers read the rebuttal, and that their reviews reflect that fact.

*** PC MEETING ***
The PC meeting will be in Oldenburg (Germany) on 19th (Tuesday) and 20th of May (Wednesday).
For this edition, the PC meeting will be physical and virtual: you are welcome to travel to Oldenburg for the PC Meeting (held in May 2020), but are NOT required to. The PC meeting schedule will be decided to accommodate for different time zones (specifically America and Asia). ACs attending the PC remotely will be required to be present for at least 5 hours per day, in pre-defined timeslots.

As ACM cannot cover the travel costs, ACs are responsible for their own travel costs and incidentals. Meals and a nice joint dinner will be provided during the meeting.

For full consideration, please volunteer by November 15, 2019.
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