Best Ever Conference 2020 Speaker Application
Hey there and thanks for applying to be a speaker at the Best Ever Conference 2020. BEC20 is the only world-class real estate investing conference built around the goals of our audience. Our speaker selection process isn’t about who we know, it’s about what our audience wants to know.

Our stage is monetarily neutral, meaning we don't pay anyone to be on stage or vice versa during our core content hours. We do have a small handful of sponsored speaking opportunities for breakouts. Please let us know if you have something to sell and would like to explore a sponsored speaking opportunity.

As you may imagine, we have hundreds of requests to speak at BEC every year, but only a handful of slots to fill that match certain holes in the curated content from audience surveys. If we aren't able to get back with you, please know that we did read your application and look forward to starting a relationship in person as an attendee at BEC to explore future speaking opportunities.
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