WNESU Exit Survey
We at the WNESU are sorry to see you go, but before you do, please share with us your thoughts (Positive, Negative and/or Neutral), experiences and suggestions.
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1. Why are you leaving your position, or what led you to leave your position? *
2. Could we have done anything differently that would have influenced you to stay longer with our school? *
3. Do you believe you received adequate support, and assistance from your supervisor? If no, please explain. *
4. Did you find your job with our school challenging and rewarding? Please explain. *
5. Did your administration treat you fairly and with respect while you were employed with our school? *
6. Were you provided with the proper training for you to perform your job successfully?  If no, please explain further. *
7. What did you like most about working with this school? *
8.  What did you like least about working with this school? *
9. Were you treated fairly and professionally and with respect from your colleagues? If no, please explain. *
10. Is there any additional information that you would like to provide concerning any matter with our school? *
11. Would you recommend WNESU to others seeking employment? *
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Thank you for completing this survey. Your positive, negative and/or neutral constructive feedback and suggestions are very important to us. We cannot improve without knowing where our weaknesses are. We also appreciate to know where our strengths are as well.  Good Luck to you and your future endeavors.
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