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For written answers, please be as brief as possible. Speed is a factor, though correctness is more important. The tests with the highest scores will get an interview. Good luck!
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What is the hash of the genesis block?
What is the bitcoin address with the most bitcoin?
slate is to steal as 14763 is to ?
What are two things that could cause a bitcoin transaction to not confirm?
What comes next in this sequence of numbers? Describe the pattern algebraically.
1, 3, 6, 11, 20, 37, ?
What is your favorite altcoin?
What comes next in this sequence of numbers and what is the pattern?
3 4 1 2 7 5 3 5 6 8 4 ?
Explain one method for how a point-of-sale transaction could avoid the issue of having to wait 10 minutes for a confirmation in the network.
When all 21 million bitcoin have been created, why will anyone mine bitcoin?
Create a brain wallet with the seed "coinbase is awesome" (no apostrophes) using SHA256. Paste the bitcoin address here.
These symbols have different values. They add together to form the corresponding number. Find the missing number.
∆ ∆ µ = 10 .......... Ω ∆ µ = 13 .......... µ ß Ω = 21 .......... µ µ ß = 16 .......... Ω ∆ ß = ?
How can you prove you own a bitcoin address without sharing the private key?
How can you share a plaintext bitcoin address private key with a friend and ensure they won’t spend your bitcoin?
BONUS & OPTIONAL: Generate an address that begins with 1BASE and send it a tiny amount of bitcoin (you can remove the bitcoin as well - we just want evidence of a transaction). Paste the address here.
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