CREEL PARK SAFTEY & IMPROVEMENTS NOW (Concerned Citizens for Creel Park)
We, the Citizen's of South Fulton's District 6 & surrounding areas seek to make Creel Park a clean, drug free, and safe park for the community to enjoy. Below is a list of concerns & solutions created by Concerned Citizens for Creel Park Preservation, Friends of Creel Park, Old National Area Residents United (ONARU) and other South Fulton community members.

Our most serious areas of concern are:
Area 1: No Staff assigned to Creel Park since 2008
Area 2: Trash cans in some areas of the park are overflowing and people are throwing trash on the ground
Area 3: Toilets/faucets are not working and vandalism of bathroom supplies, visible graffiti on the walls
Area 4: Drug use in picnic pavilion areas (a place of choice)
Area 5: No visible sign of video surveillance at the Park entrance
Area 6: No Video cameras in the parking lots near the basketball court, pavilions and tennis courts.
Area 7: Truancy is a problem - young people hanging out in the pavilions and basketball courts during school hours.
Area 8: Basketball court should be locked up at night - residents see activity going on after park closing hours.
Area 9: More police visibility driving through in the morning for walkers and tennis players and in the evening when soccer field and basketball court is used heavily.
Area 10: In the athletic field young people riding dirt bikes and ATV’s on the grass area.
Area 11: Dogs roaming the park unleashed & unsupervised.
Area 12: Cars parked at night across from the restroom.
Area 13: Renters dumping garbage in the park trash cans.
Area 14: Tennis court kids riding bikes and playing around the nets.
Area 15: People entering and exiting the park illegally through the back yards of neighbors and the field behind the Pavilion

Short Term Recommendations:
Recommendation 1: ALLOW COUNCILMAN KHALID TO SET UP HIS DISTRICT OFFICE IN CREEL PARK to help coordinate security & programming until money can be found in the Parks budget for full-time staff to work in Creel Park.
Recommendation 2: Large, colorful signs in various areas, stating:
-The park is under video surveillance
-No residence dumping
-No drugs or guns in the park
-No parking after park opening/closing hours in the park
Recommendation 3: Supply plastic garbage bags, pickers and gloves for Concerned Citizens for Creel Park & other volunteer groups to conduct park cleanups
Recommendation 4: Install additional trash cans and dumpster for disposal of trash.
Recommendation 5: Supervise & prevent children riding bikes or using basketballs and volley balls on the tennis court (tennis balls only)
Recommendation 6: Lock Park Entrance & Gate to Basketball Court
Recommendation 7: Allow Police Athletic League (PAL) to have space in the Pavilion
Recommendation 8: Handicapped Ramp for Tennis Courts to make the ADA, ALTA & USTA compliant

Long Term Recommendations:
Recommendation 9: Install a controlled electronic gate at the park entrance
Recommendation 10: Arrange for an off-duty police officer to open and close park entrance (bullhorn suggested to announce park closing)
Recommendation 11: Build a controlled, staffed gymnasium with classrooms for a variety of positive social, educational and cultural functions (part of Creel Park's).
Recommendation 12: More programs at the park.
There are currently some very engaging activities provided at Creel Park that can be expanded and some others that should be implemented.

Example for youth: Sports to include training and competitive activities for baseball. basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, softball, track and golf
Educational enhancement activities such as (STEM)
Leisure activities such as table games (cards, ping pong, hockey, pool),

Example for adults/seniors: Sports to include tennis, soccer, walking and running track, basketball and softball.
Leisure activities such as table games, card games, bingo, arts & crafts
Social Events such as monthly/quarterly gatherings

Thank you so much in advance for your consideration and help in this matter., ( C ) 404-713-2958

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