20 Important Questions
One of the oldest and most time tested dependency evaluation tools for chemical dependency has its origins from the Johnson Institute of Minneapolis. Many variations exist, but the basic questions are as follows:
Has anyone ever suggested you quit or cut back on your drug/alcohol use? *
Has drinking or using affected your reputation? *
Have you made promises to control your drinking or using and then broken them? *
Have you ever switched to different drinks or drugs or changed your using pattern in an effort to control or reduce your consumption? *
Have you ever gotten into financial, legal, or marital difficulties due to using? *
Have you ever lost time from work because of using or drinking? *
Have you ever sneaked or hidden your use? *
On occasion, do you feel uncomfortable if alcohol or your drug is not available? *
Do you continue drinking or using when friends or family suggest you have had enough? *
Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed about your drinking or using or what you did while under the influence? *
Has your efficiency decreased as a result of your drinking or using? *
When using or drinking, do you neglect to eat properly? *
Do you use or drink alone? *
Do you use or drink more than usual when under pressure, angry, or depressed? *
Are you able to drink or use more now without feeling it, compared to when you first started using? *
Have you lost interest in other activities or noticed a decrease in your ambition as a result of your drinking or using? *
Have you had the shakes or tremors following heavy drinking or using or not using for a period of time? *
Do you want to drink or use at a particular time each day? *
Do you go on and off the wagon? *
Is drinking or using jeopardizing your job? *
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