Want to skate with Austin Anarchy in 2019?
Austin Anarchy would like to find out who is interested in joining our league for the coming year and would like to know what kind of derby people are interested in playing. It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned vet to the sport or have never played at all we are working to be able to provide a place for all. This form is not a commitment in any way but if you are interested, we will use your contact info to get in touch to let you know how you can get involved.

This year Austin Anarchy is working to have both a competitive and a recreational derby team.

Thank you from all of us!
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Do you have a roller derby name that you go by?
We do most of our league managment via Facebook. Could you please copy your Facebook URL here, if you are comfortable?
Are you interested in playing Recreational Roller Derby?
This would be more localized / regional roller derby where winning isn't always the ultimate goal. This type of game play is more about enjoying the sport and the community that the sport provides. While the Anarchy Travel team plays in the MRDA (Men's Roller Derby Association) our league is not gender specific and anyone is welcome as long as you are 18 years of age and can commit to requirements for league membership.
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Are you interested in playing Competitive Roller Derby in the MRDA?
This would be national and international competitive roller derby against other men's teams in the MRDA. This is fast paced and high impact roller derby that requires the commitment to being able to travel as well as meeting normal Anarchy league requirements. Again, while the MRDA is a men's league, all genders are welcome as long as membership requirements are met. Anarchy will have Travel Team Tryouts on February 10th, 2019.
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Would you be considered a Satellite Skater?
Satellite Skaters are defined as a skater that can not meet the attendance requirements without enduring hardships based on the distance of travel to Austin. Austin Anarchy will have a maximum of 2 satellite skaters on their travel charter at a time. In order to be considered, a skater must pass the Travel Team Charter Tryouts and discuss their situation to make a plan with leadership and training.
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How much experience do you have playing this sport?
Please be honest, we can teach anyone how to play this sport if they are wiling.
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If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please let us know here. Thank you.
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