GrowApp European Collaboration (autumn 2017) project registration
Dear GLOBE teacher,

We would like to introduce you to the GrowApp European Collaboration Project (#ECP)! By joining, you will be asked to spend 4 lessons on this project during September, October and November (2017). Your students will learn about phenology, the science of seasonal change in nature, in an international light. Apart from new knowledge to be gained on this matter, your students will also learn to introduce themselves to and communicate with international students. Skills that are essential when living in the 21st century. The deadline for application is September 20th.

This form is to keep track of who is participation in the autumn 2017 GrowApp European Collaboration project. Please fill out these short questions to apply.

Thank you for joining our European Collaboration Project!

Best wishes,

The European GLOBE phenology team

P.S. don't forget to join the GLOBE community!

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