Student Log-in Information
Under Google Apps for Education program, every Live Oak student has their own Google Account, including Gmail, Google Apps, and YouTube. We have been given special permission to give out students a chance to create their own user name and password for their Google Account.

1) Review the information and best tips about the privacy and security of creating a password.
2) Work with your student to come up with a user name and password that they know how to spell and will remember.
3) Complete and submit this survey.

The user name & password your student chooses will be used to create your student's accounts. This log-in information will be used for the computer account at school that we use with Sea Urchins and Groupers, the Google Account protected by the Live Oak School District, and Khan Academy. Please remind your student that this information is private and should not be shared with anyone besides you and the Ocean staff. The link to the survey can be accessed in this email and on our homepage.  If you are not comfortable, sending the password via this survey, please send the information to Mary via note, phone call or email.
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