2019 NLPA Powerlifting & Bench Press Championship & Special Olympics
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The 2019 NLPA Powerlifting & Bench Press Championship & Special Olympic event is open to any competitor who has successfully met the provincial Qualifying Totals listed on the NLPA Web Page.
(Please note, these remain the same as last year, despite changes to Regional and National QTs)

Any Lifter wishing to proceed to Nationals must either compete or volunteer at this event.
If you are unable, it is required to submit a written notice to the NLPA Executive by June 1 outlining the reason why you cannot attend.
Exceptions will be made to International Athletes as per Section V of the NLPA Constitution.

Competition Date: June 21 (6PM - 10PM), June 22 (6:30AM-6PM)
Weigh Ins - 2 Hours before lifting.
Schedule: TBA
Venue: Paul Reynolds Community Center, 35 Carrick Drive, St. John's, NL

Registration based on a first come, first serve basis.

This is a CPU sanctioned event.
Current CPU cards are required for all lifters upon registration.
Your registration will not be confirmed without it and without full payment received within 24h of form registration.
To compete all lifters must present your successful completion of the current True Sport CCES modules including the update for 2019.
The CPU follows the anti-doping rules and regulations of the WADA code.
Please refer to the CPU constitution regarding anti-doping policies.

Link to the CPU membership page here: http://www.powerlifting.ca/

Final Entry Deadline is 23:59, May 21.
Early Bird Registration is 23:59, April 30
There will be no refunds after the entry deadline.

Meet Director: NLPA Executive
Email for questions and etransfers: nlpaexec@gmail.com
Password for etransfers, please use: provincials2019

Early Bird Registration - Deadline for early registration is Midnight April 30
Regular (3 Lift): $95.00
Bench Only: $60.00
Regular and Bench: $125.00
Special Olympics: $45.00
Entry Fees Include T-Shirt

Registration May 1 - May 21
Regular (3 Lift): $105.00
Bench Only: $70.00
Regular and Bench: $135.00
Special Olympics: $55.00

Entry Fees Include T-Shirt

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