United German Hungarian Club Membership

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Introductory Membership (Non-Voting, All Ages): $25.00/member
Valid for one year, non-renewable, only valid for first time members never holding a previous membership.
Not valid for members participating in club activities including the Soccer and Cultural Programs.

General Membership (Formerly Associate, Non-Voting, All Ages): $50.00/member
Minimum required for members participating in the Soccer and Cultural Programs.

Certified Membership (Voting, All Ages): $75.00/member
Applies to current Life Members, Certified Members, or Certificate Holders.
Requires one-time application fee for New Members: $500.00

Progress (Newsletter): $15.00 for mailed copy (No additional fee for Email delivery)


1. Family Maximum: The total of all membership fees for a family living in the same household is capped at $200.00. This includes any combination of Introductory, General, or Certified Memberships. This applies to Parents/Legal Guardians and all children under age 21 who are not employed full-time, or who are full-time students up to age 22.

2. Minors (Under 18): Participation in any United German Hungarian Club programs by a minor requires a minimum of a General Membership level for both the minor and one Parent/Guardian.

3. Approval: All new Membership Applications require approval by the Board of Governors.