Power Yoga Canada Summer Online 2021 Yoga Teacher Training Application

You are ready now! Please fill out the application below in order to provide Power Yoga Canada and PYC's Program Director, Kinndli McCollum with more information about yourself. The purpose of this application is to help us better understand you and in turn provide you with a more impactful and life changing program.

You are able to provide a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot or simply pay in full. You can make the deposit at our Oakville location or online. Once your application is received you will be sent a Welcome Email with further information and will have a phone interview with PYC's Director of Growth, Nick Vetro in order to answer each and every question you may have.

If you have any questions, email info@poweryogacanada.com and/or nick@poweryogacanada.com
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Thank you!
PYC's Director of Growth, Nick Vetro will be sending you a Welcome Email with further information. Once you have read it over please reach out to Nick at 289-936-8415 by text, call or FaceTime or via email at nick@poweryogacanada.com.

We look forward to supporting you through this journey from start until beyond the program ends!
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